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Doing Good Deserves Reward

We know you are different. You have passion, you want to do good, you contribute to making the world a better, fairer, safer place for animals, people and the environment. You work hard to make a difference but foremost you are an entrepreneur, you are a business leader, you are making change happen. That’s where we come in.

Entrepreneurial activity has its risks. Doing good through business is one thing, watching your back and protecting your assets, cashflow, business reputation and own personal liabilities are another. We provide that critical support function.

Founded by Vegans, VeganRisks is a division of specialist corporate insurance broker Venture Risks Group.

The division has simple core concepts, to support the vegan entrepreneurs who are driving veganism forward and use the success of the insurance service to support animal rights and vegan charities/organisations.


The growing success of this division will result in ever better insurance cover being made available by supporting insurance companies, at favourable cost. We feel that doing good in the business world should be rewarded with lower premiums and more supportive policy cover.

Don’t buy insurance cover if it’s not going to pay out when you most need it. Get it right and you can safely push on to grow your business with confidence.

Areas of Practice

Business Insurance

An in-depth and very thorough audit of business risk versus the insurance protection that you have in place. We challenge existing insurance arrangements to assess their effectiveness. Insurance policies often remain largely untested by claims. We work from the basis that there is no point spending money on insurance policies if they won’t pay out when they are most needed.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety is a vital aspect of business management but its complexity is a minefield for business leaders. A failure of health & safety systems can badly damage business reputation and employee morale. We work with you to assess your current standards and implement cost effective plans to ensure legal and moral compliance.

Business Continuity Planning

Business resilience is a critical function. In the event of serious incidents or disasters it ensures protection of cashflow, client relationships and business reputation. Our audits will help you create a plan that ensures resiliance, rapid recovery and ongoing future contingency security.

Financial Risk Management

A financial risk report can help identify and manage specific financial risks, some of which may not be obvious to company management. Our financial audit challenges, checks and reminds a business finance team across areas such as cashflow management & forecasting, potential fraud exposure, working capital procedures, staff systems, cost control, automation & technology use and financing arrangements.

Confidential Conceptual Reviews

The failure of a corporate insurance programme to meet a large financial loss will raise questions from investors, non executive directors, bankers and other stakeholders. As a part of a business governance exercise we carry out highly confidential reviews on behalf of companies. The aim is to test existing arrangements provided by an incumbent broker in a manner that doesn’t upset the relationship between broker and client (unless errors are found during the review process). The main focus of the CCR is the big 4 areas – cash flow protection, balance sheet protection, company reputation and directors personal assets protection. The final report is substantial, detailed and reassuring.

Cyber Risk Assessment & Insurance

At the core of all business lies information technology and data systems. Their security is paramount to ongoing business reputation. The increasing risk to directors and their businesses through changing legislation and the value of data needs to be assessed fully. Our audits will test and support the tactical, operational and strategic risks a business faces via the assessment of people, processes and technology.

Our areas of expertise

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