Welcome to Vegan Risks

We have a responsibility to protect our client’s businesses, and if we can’t then we don’t deserve to work for them.

The type of businesses we work for are special and their risk profiles are unique. They are ambitious, confident and driving forward their growth agenda. They employ amazing teams of people from the boardroom to the post room, everyone depending on each other to ensure the business survives and grows. It’s our responsibility to help them understand risk and how to deal with it.

We dig deep into the business risk related to our clients trading activities both in the UK and internationally. Unless we dig deep, we cannot truly help protect them. Our service would then simply be superficial and irrelevant. We will not allow this to happen. The experience we aim to provide is responsive, positive and strong.

Achieving success is a long and constant battle but we are behind our clients every step of the way.

Technical Expertise

We deliver on technical ability. We promise.

The link between in depth assessment of insurance policy contractual wordings and their potential fit for the risks our clients face is critical. The devil is in the detail and we dig in deep. We don’t want our clients buying insurance protection that doesn’t pay out when they most need it.

Vegan Ethics

The owners of our parent company are Vegan, and they are Vegan with a passion. Several of the underwriters we use are Vegan. Our commitment to spreading of veganism is serious.

Budget Friendly

We care about cost. We know its important to you. We are known for negotiating hard on behalf of our clients to both improve insurance protection and keep costs down.


It’s difficult running a business, we know that! That’s why we make every effort to continually seek out opportunities for our clients to connect with our own network of clients, advisers, investors and banks. If we can all help each other, we can all grow our businesses.

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