Who we work with?

Vegan Food Production & Manufacturing

The single, most critical service we offer is technical thoroughness applied with experience. The devil is in the detail when it comes to arranging insurance protection for food production and manufacturing related businesses. Your business reputation is absolutely vital and it can be supported very effectively with a sound insurance and risk management programme. Beware though, the technical complexity of business interruption and liability wordings can be both onerous and lacking in true support. Our extensive experience of dealing with the sector from production through to supply chain and on to the end consumer has ensured we have learnt many lessons about sector risk. Those lessons will be valuable to you.

Vegan Restaurants, Cafes & Hotels

It’s all about reputation. Hospitality businesses operate at the edge. It doesn’t take much to destroy the business. An infectious disease outbreak, an injury to customer, a power failure..all can have a big impact on cashflow and reputation. How an insurance programme is structured, the attention to the detail of policy wordings and extensions, and the manner in which claims are handled can really take the sting out of a bad incident. Protect cashflow and company reputation and a business in this sector can survive a big hit. Our experience works across significant hotel and restaurant chains through to entrepreneurial start ups.

Vegan Goods - Retail & Wholesale

The sale and distribution of goods is a critical function to consumers and dependent businesses. We have long experience in the arrangement of insurance and risk management programmes of retail and wholesale businesses including their significant exposure to supply chain risk, multiple premises and cyber risk.

Vegan Cosmetics & Health

The cosmetics sector is highly specialist, with a range of risks facing those that develop, manufacture and distribute products.

Some of the simplest, most basic cosmetics products used every day carry significant safety risks. From low risk cosmetics tools like hairbrushes and razors through to higher risk products such as hair dye and sunscreen. Clinical trials and R&D business interruption can be a significant exposure.

The health sector is moving at rapid pace. Wellbeing, fitness, and healthy eating has spurred on a number of exciting and entrepreneurial businesses. Each sector has its own risks but particularly liability and business interruption exposures.

We provide support and guidance to all sizes of companies within these dynamic sectors.

Vegan Festivals & Events

They are hotly anticipated and fun but events businesses operate with significant risk exposures. Ticketing fraud, key performer risk, weather disruption, power disruption, licensing & contractual disputes, environmental risk and clean up, terrorism and many others. 

Attention to detail is absolutely critical to prevent financial loss, personal injury and legal action against directors.

We can guide you through this risk minefield.

Animal Shelters & Sanctuaries

We are big fans of the work of Animal Shelters and Sanctuaries. The risk in this sector mainly fall around property risk, public liability and employers liability. It is less complex than other sectors shown here but the attention to detail on policy wordings is important. The protection of ‘doing good’ ,organisations needs good insurance, at low cost.

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